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Celebrating Independence Day Post COVID 19 in 2022


Since past almost two years we were in lock down and confined to our houses. Every festival became different as we could not go out of our houses. However, finally the problem of COVID 19 is almost over and we can go out and enjoy life as we use to.

People reading this post in future and specially someone who has never been part of the lock down situation the way I was will not be able to relate to what I am feeling right now. I can relate to the Independence Day in a real sense apart from what we have been reading in books. When we were treated like slaves in the British era back in history for 200 years I can very well understand how our forefathers would have lived.

COVID 19 was no less for us. We had no liberty to do anything we liked

  1. Could not Touch, Hug or Kiss our own kids, friends or relatives

  2. Could not go out and meet anyone freely

  3. We were not allowed to go out and visit our favorite places, restaurants to eat or gardens to relax

  4. Constant fear of getting sick or death was there even if someone unknown passes us from 6 feet distance

  5. We had no hope if this situation will ever end and this was the fate of mankind and world was about to end

  6. No opportunity of new Jobs or Studies

Over all we were like slaves in our own houses. We were forced by the situation to do things which we never liked. We had no option of saying NO. We just had to be confined in jail like situation all the time.

I would like to discuss Prime Minister Narendra Modi as a game changer because in Lockdown also he was a ray of Hope. Though there was nothing major he could do as it was a pandemic situation and no one except doctors or scientists could try helping. But as always as a true leader he gave hope to the entire nation.

He always does different things and takes care of situation in style. It had never happened in the past that every citizen carried flags in hands and hosted national flag on their vehicles be it two wheelers or four wheelers. This was a pure demonstration of unity in diversity and Prime Minister proved it again. I managed to capture few images at the heart of our country National Capital New Delhi to show how it was.

Every Auto Rickshaw, Car or Bike proudly had Indian Flags on their vehicles as seen in the images below.


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