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Bade Bhai Sahab

Updated: Sep 19, 2022

This story is originally part of our Classic Indian Literature written by our famous writer Munshi Premchand. However, this blog is mainly going to be my interpretation of the play directed by Siddharth Gautam (Instagram: siddharthgautamdirector) for the same story. This play is the proof that a story which was written almost 100 years back in time still has so much of impact and relevance in current times.

The undefeated fact that best display of skills is always seen in plays by the theater actors. The team of this play proved it right.

We spend money on watching feature films these days in comparison to live plays. The struggle and dedication what you see in a live play has no comparison to a screen show. This sole reason motivated me to see this play and it was worth it. Not in terms of money only but in terms of connecting with the artists in real life was a great experience.

The most impressive thing about this play was direction. Director has put in his best efforts to follow the grammar of the role play. Second, the artists including the funny roles of Samta's friends was a masterpiece. Every actor did justice to the role including the Sutradhar. Last but not the least two brothers Kamta (Elder brother) & Samta (Younger Brother) both had perfect grip of audience the whole time.

I would like to recommend this play to everyone including children of any age group because it has fun element for kids, learning for teenagers and teaching for young adults to respect their elders which seems to have lost due to modern lifestyle.

My vision is to help theater groups & artists to connect with more live audience to boost their confidence.

Most important as a photographer and blogger I would like to click some professional images of their act as a memory and gift from my side.

Below are some images I managed to capture from the play.



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